You may be wandering about the poor person who is missing teeth and has a burnt face. What happened to them that resulted in this irreparable damage? Electronic cigarettes? Yes, electronic cigarettes.

Well check this out. Absolutely scary and you wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone. We first read about this at Gizmodo, who linked to the original Facebook post.

Well as it turns out, this can happen to you, me or anyone you know who vapes. Just look at Andrew, the poor guy.

We are posting this to highlight a few points to ensure that you operate your electronic cigarettes safely and understand the risks associated with them.

Firstly there are risks associated with vaping. There are risks in everything we do, but they don’t stop us doing them. It is important to understand the risks, so that you can control the likelihood that these tragic events do not occur to you. Electronic cigarettes when you use them safely should pose no more threat to the user than any other electronic device that uses Li-ion batteries. The proximity to the face when used is the differentiating factor with vaporisers. Just take the recent Samsung Note 7┬ádisaster, where the batteries continually caught fire and sometimes exploded that resulted in Samsung having to recall all devices. To put it simply, using any electronic device with Li-ion batteries have inherent risks.



Secondly Andrew was using an unregulated mod (such as the Tesla Three). These have no built in safety features that limit the amount of current that is drawn from the battery. Having no limit can mean that too much power is drawn from the battery and that can cause it to overheat. A study by UCL found that in batteries that didn’t have internal support systems, in the lead up to the point of thermal runaway, that the batteries core collapses. This collapse increases the risk of short circuits within the battery and damages neighbouring areas within the battery. In addition, the study found that once the point of thermal runaway occurred in batteries with no internal support, the batteries exploded causing the cap to detach and the contents of the battery to eject.

Finally, always, always, always test your coil builds. If you do not have the tools to test the resistance of your coil builds, use premade coils that you know come from manufacturers. If you’re using a resistance meter that comes from one of the coil building kits, assume that it is inaccurate. As much as we’d like, we have to be realistic about he accuracy of the meters because they are made for such a cheap price. We like to give a 0.2 ohms allowance for error on these meters. If you’re lucky enough to own an expensive meter, we’re a bit jealous (but still give yourself some room for error)!

What does all of this mean for you?

Your safety is of the utmost importance. This means you should always use best practice when using your electronic cigarettes and vaporisers. Testing your coils resistances and using Ohm’s law to determine the current draw from your build is essential. You should also know the specifications of your device so that you know the maximum rated continuous current draw. If you need a guide for battery safety visit┬áthe guide below. Finally, even if you think your an advanced user, really consider only using a regulated device for your use, which will help to ensure some safety features are in place.