Sony – VTC4 US18650 Flat Top 30A 2100mAh


The Sony VTC4 18650 2100mAh battery.

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Sony VTC4 18650 Battery

The Sony VTC4 18650 Battery is rated as a high current Li-ion battery. It has a maximum design amp drain of 30A, which makes it perfect for power users. Unfortunately there is slight compromise with batteries that have high amperage rating, with their capacities generally being lower. If you’re pushing the boundaries with vaping power and need external rechargeable 18650 batteries, then you need these!

Please ensure that the user of this battery understands about battery safety before using this battery. EC Choice is not responsible for the use of batteries and as a result, not responsible for any damage that misappropriate usage may result in. If you’re unsure, contact us.

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• Brand: Sony Energy
• Model: US18650VTC4
• Size: 18650
• Chemistry: NMC
• Nominal Capacity: 2100mAh
• Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
• Discharge: 30A Max Continuous
• Positive: Flat
• Protected: NO, UNPROTECTED
• Rechargeable: Yes
• Dimensions: 18.20mm x 64.86mm
• Weight: 45.3g


• 1x Sony VTC4 US18650 Flat Top 30A 2100mAh battery

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